Industry: Agriculture
Application: Greenhouse

Problem: When your rubber V-belts start slipping, fan efficiency drops, air flow is reduced, and in-house temperatures rise. This is bad news for your pampered annuals and perennials.

Solution:  POWERTWIST V-Belts increase fan efficiency due a higher resistance to heat. POWERTWIST V-Belts are unaffected by common horticultural chemicals also leading increased fan efficiency because of longer belt life. This product line from Fenner Drives High Performance Composite V-Belts can be made to required length, by hand, in seconds—no tools required! POWERTWIST V-Belts are easy to install without having to move motor to tension belt.

POWERTWIST is available in 3L, Z/10, A/13/4L, B/17/5L, C/22, and D/32 sections


PowerTwist Plus V-Belts

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