Industry: Woodworking
Application: Woodworking Machinery

Problem:          A very common problem with some woodworking machines is the noise and vibration they transmit.  The vibration causes a rougher and more inaccurate cut.

Solution:          POWERTWIST V-Belt solves both of these issues leaving you with a nice, smooth, and cleaner finish!  Due to the design of the individual links, POWERTWIST actually absorbs the vibration and less vibration means less noise and a cleaner, more accurate cut.  POWERTWIST Belts are made from polyurethane/polyester segmented twist-lock links. The links don't allow any significant level of vibration to be transmitted from motor to components. Because we use a reinforcing fabric and not multiple cords, any vibrations that enter an individual link dissipate quickly and, as there's no permanent connection between one link and the next, vibrations just aren't transmitted.

PowerTwist Plus

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