Poultry House Ventilation

Industry: Agriculture
Application: Poultry House Ventilation

Problem:          Conventional rubber V-belts have a tendency to slip causing a domino effect; fan efficiency drops, air-flow reduces, and in-house temperatures and ammonia levels rise.  This is bad news for your flock!

Solution:          POWERTWIST V-Belts can make these everyday problems disappear with no tools required!  A permanent replacement, POWERTWIST has the same horsepower rating as conventional rubber v-belts and can be easily installed without having to move your motor in order to tension.  Because of their ingenious link design, POWERTWIST can be made to your required length for your application, by hand, in seconds—no tools required!  Along with the ease of installation, they are also unaffected by common agricultural chemicals and disinfectants and have a higher resistance to heat and ammonia.  Combine all of these advantages and you get increased fan efficiency and a longer belt life!

PowerTwist Plus

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