Spotlight Women in Science: Alaina Otstot

Name: Alaina Otstot

Title: Chemist I

Degree: Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrative Science, Concentration: Chemistry

A high school chemistry class sparked Alaina Otstot’s interest in science. She was fascinated with how things work and the science behind it. According to Alaina “Science has a way of being somewhat challenging – but that challenge fuels your curiosity!”

Backed by supportive parents, she tackled the challenge of science head on. “They have always pushed me to do my best and taught me determination. I would not be where I am today without them.”

Her first job out of college was at Fenner Precision Polymers. She was an intern during the summer of 2019 and accepted a fulltime position in 2020. One of her career goals at Fenner is to learn more about instruments and become more familiar with urethane chemistry. “I would encourage all women with an interest in science to go for it. I always felt that the science field was occupied by men and it feels amazing to have worked so hard to put myself in the world of science.”

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