Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Alan Yao

Title: Process Engineer (<1 year)

Behind the Innovation

Fenner Precision Polymers remains at the forefront of the industry, mainly due to the expertise and innovative contributions of team members like Alan Yao. As a recently appointed Process Engineer for the Dawson Polymer Products team, Alan swiftly took charge of process development and enhancement, becoming an essential link between R&D and production. His hands-on experience on the shop floor gave him the deep understanding needed to improve existing products and guide new designs from inception to reality.

Alan’s well-rounded technical knowledge and practical intuition have significantly increased operation efficiency and overall product quality. A vital player in new product development and production, his skills are synonymous with the dynamic advancement of Fenner.

One of Alan’s distinguished contributions was his instrumental role in helping to develop the first multi-branch hose, which stands as a testament to Fenner's commitment to innovation within the industry. His work's impact is evident within the company and amongst clients and peers who acknowledge the substantial value his achievements deliver to the market. Fenner Precision Polymers recognizes his substantial input and celebrates the vigor he adds to the organization.

Alan's personal life echoes the enthusiasm and commitment that he exudes professionally. A lively individual in spirit, Alan derives immense pleasure from running—a passion he indulges in 4 to 5 times a week during the warmer seasons. However, when winter's chill creeps in, his running shoes often see less of the outdoors, leading to the familiar struggle of keeping fit.

He's always had an affection for football, and his younger days centered around frequent matches in Taicang. Time, however, brings change. Injuries and a busy life have seen the fiercer competitions of his past evolve into friendly bi-monthly 5-on-5 games with close friends. Even so, the camaraderie on the field remains a cherished pastime.

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