Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Amber Arnold

Title: Inventory Specialist 1 (2 years)

Taking Stock of Excellence

Amber Arnold, an Inventory Specialist 1 at Fenner Precision Polymers, is a key asset in the company's ongoing success. With two years under her belt, Amber has demonstrated exceptional discipline and accuracy in managing the cycle counting for both the Main and South buildings. She understands the importance of her role, which involves meticulously tracking and reporting on inventory counts several times a day.

A natural leader, Amber trains new receivers stationed in both buildings, imparting her knowledge and experience to ensure smooth operations. But it's not just the technical aspects of her job that Amber excels at. She finds immense satisfaction in spearheading positive changes within the company and fostering relationships with her colleagues, a testament to her strong interpersonal skills.

Outside of work, Amber leads a fulfilling personal life. As a devoted mother of three, she cherishes the daily duties that come with parenthood. In addition, Amber has been an active volunteer with the Narcotics Anonymous program for over 14 years. There, she lends support as a sponsor to those in need. It's this commitment to volunteer service and family that keeps Amber grounded, providing a sturdy foundation for her professional life.

Amber Arnold embodies Fenner Precision Polymers’ core values of diligence, leadership, and service. She is a testament to the company's dedication to nurturing exceptional talent and a commitment to service.

Customer Care

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