Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Barry Wagner

Title: Casting Technician (13 yrs.)

Meet Barry Wagner, Fenner's Lucky 13

It’s time to shine a spotlight on Barry Wagner, one of our remarkable casting technicians, who has dedicated an impressive 13 years to Fenner. Talk about a lucky 13! We’re the lucky ones.

When it comes to casting technicians, Barry sets the standard. His meticulousness and precision are unmatched, ensuring that every piece of machinery he handles operates at its peak performance. Beyond his role, Barry also enjoys the wider applications of Fenner's products in various industries. He takes immense pride in imagining the different ways they are used to create solutions that drive industry advancement.

Barry's commitment to his work extends to mastering the preventive maintenance techniques and procedures that keep our die-cast machines running. This aspect of the job may not be glamorous, but it requires a level of expertise that Barry has been perfecting over the years.

Outside of his professional life, Barry places significant importance on community and solidarity. He admires the creative spirit and camaraderie in people when they come together for a celebration or event.

Away from the buzz of the workplace, Barry leads a fulfilling personal life. He is married with two adult sons. His hobbies include camping and frequenting the Knoebels Amusement Resort. Additionally, he is part of an honor guard where he marches in a drum and bugle corps from New Jersey. Barry's dedication to his community is commendable, reflecting his well-rounded nature and commitment to both his personal and professional life.

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