Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Ben Robertson

Title: Process & C.I. Engineer III (10 years, eight years not counting internships)

From Robotics Apprentice to In-House Guru

Ben Robertson stands out at Fenner Precision Polymers, especially during Robotics Week. With a decade-long tenure, including two formative years as an intern, Ben's journey at Fenner embodies his commitment to empowering his colleagues to excel.

A pivotal aspect of Ben's role is his expertise in programming the robot's vision system, optimizing its speed, path, steps, and load performance. Despite it being his first experience with such technology, Ben swiftly transformed into the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the entire building. Initially overwhelming, he embraced the challenge and emerged as a guiding force in leveraging robotics for operational efficiency.

Ben's proficiency extends beyond robotics; his technical degree in polyurethane extrusions and his contributions to refining the extrusion process underline his multifaceted expertise. Collaborating seamlessly with his team, he tackles challenges head-on, using his skills to develop and design tooling, products, and processes that enhance operations.

His commitment to fostering professional growth doesn't end with technical proficiency. As a certified Lean manufacturing practitioner and recent recipient of a Six Sigma Green Belt, Ben cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within Fenner. He ensures his colleagues have the resources and support needed to thrive, driving the company towards excellence.

Beyond the workplace, Ben finds joy in family moments with his newborn child and wife. Despite his busy schedule, he prioritizes bonding with loved ones and indulges in leisure activities like video games with friends and summer vacations in Ocean City, Maryland.

Reflecting on his tenure, Ben cherishes the successes he's shared with his team, whether helping a colleague secure their dream job or achieving personal milestones. His dedication to supporting colleagues' growth and passion for continuous improvement make Ben an indispensable asset to Fenner Precision Polymers

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