Spotlight Women in Science: Carolyn Ruch

Name: Carolyn Ruch

Title: Director Health, Safety, Environmental

Degree: BS Occupational Safety and Environmental Health,  MS Industrial Hygiene

As director of Health, Safety, and Environmental, Carolyn strives to manage risk and prevent harm to associates and the environment. In high school she loved the challenge of science and math courses and developed a strong interest in Chemistry.  “I actually wanted to be a chemist for the longest time, but ultimately chose Environmental and Occupational Safety as my career path.  I enjoy using my background in math and science to help protect people and the planet.”

That spirit was inspired by her grandfather. “He was a coal miner in his youth and later developed black lung disease.  His life experience influenced my career choice. I remember first learning about occupational safety and realizing that his illness was preventable and I that I could play a part in preventing occupational illness for others.“

That willingness to make an impact led her to a safety specialist position at the former Sunoco Marcus Hook Oil Refinery. She continued her development and, eventually, joined Fenner in her current director position. Her main goals are to strengthen our safety program, drive continuous improvement, and reduce our impact on the environment.

She knows she can’t do it alone and recognizes she needed help along the way and the importance of teaching others. “I enjoy mentoring and try to set an example to the next generation of how to set priorities and balance a career and motherhood.”

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