Distribution Center Solution Champion: Gunan Balcioglu

Our latest Eagle Poly-V and O-ring Champion, Gunan Balcioglu is a Sales Engineer out of the Fenner Precision Polymers office in Dewsbury in the UK. He is a solutions-oriented person, so this victory is the type of accomplishment that propels him to achieve more.

Gunan saw an opportunity with a major UK fulfilment company which prompted two separate case studies for belts from our Distribution Center portfolio. These belts were our Eagle Poly-V belts and our Eagle Twisted O-rings.

Eagle Twisted O-rings

The first study involved Eagle Twisted O-rings on Diverter Equipment. The original belts were continuously failing as a result of stretching and jumping off the rollers. As a result, this led to insufficient drive performance and long repair times. Sometimes the failures occurred within hours of fitting, which created increased cost of repairs and added frustration.

After we evaluated the equipment on site, we recommended our Twisted O-ring selections with the correct belt length and tension. After initial trials this solution has proven to be the most reliable and cost-effective solution. Belt failure was reduced, and the ease of installation was an added bonus.

Eagle Poly V Belts

The second study involved our Eagle Poly V belts. Since their site opened, they have had challenges with belt degradation, dusting, and low performance. This resulted in countless downtime and blockages on the straight and curved conveyors. The previous rubber Poly V is prone to causing debris build up in the roller grooves, resulting in the drive band travelling and rubbing on the side guards and other adjacent poly V belts.

After successful trials our Eagle Poly-V belts in few curved conveyors, it was clear the solution was the most reliable with no condition degradation during our customer’s busiest period throughput. Eagle Poly-V eliminated the dusting issue and recorded zero failures over the course of the trial, which directly reduced costs of repair. 

The overall result delighted the customer and Gunan was successful in showcasing our Fenner Precision Polymers solutions. Stay tuned for our next Sales Spotlight!

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