Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Elisa Perazzoli

Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Elisa Perazzoli

Title: Sales and Office Manager, MAV
Degree: Foreign Languages & Technical Translation (English, French, Italian)

Elisa Perazzoli loves the outdoors. She can’t help it. Her home is located right in the middle of the Dolomites, one of the most magnificent mountain regions in the world. It’s a larger than life influence on her that is always present… even as she thinks about work.

After graduating with a degree in English with a second in German, Elisa began her career at MAV, filling an open position in the company’s commercial division. Currently in the role of sales and office manager, she wears several hats to keep the business moving forward. From tracking sales, to supporting quality assurance, project management, administration, and developing marketing efforts—she does it all.

MAV is a very close knit environment, where the people working there have done so for years and they know each other extremely well. To Elisa, bringing everyone together, fostering smoother communications, and providing the resources needed to get customers to the next level are critical for success… much like the rifugios—the mountain huts for hikers that are stationed along the various trails of the Dolomites.

In speaking about MAV, Elisa says, “I like to think that MAV plays the role of the rifugio for our customers. They come to us in the middle of a challenge, with a need to recharge their thinking and to address the issues ahead of them from a different perspective. It’s our job to give them a moment’s rest as we design a solution and then equip them with what they need to move forward.”

Elisa recalls how a customer in Chile recently approached MAV for what at first glance felt like a daunting challenge in terms of timing of delivery and execution. They needed two locking assembly devices produced— MAV 6002 500,00 x 585,00 — typically used in the mining industry for conveyor pulleys. It would be difficult to pull off in time, but Elisa knew her team would be up to it, and they were. The issue was lead time. There was precious little of it—not the usual number of weeks that are generally required.  Still, the team quickly regrouped, ramped up, designed, and machined to specification a solution in just two weeks.  Because of their commitment to taking care of customers, MAV executed on the manufacturing, and delivered as promised to what was a first-time customer in that market.

Elisa believes for any business to be successful, it has to be there for its customers—always. It must be welcoming and prepared to serve up the degree of ingenuity and creativity required when a partner encounters roadblocks—even on short notice. There can be zero margin of error where customer service is concerned in today’s competitive marketplace, and without going the extra mile to create space for solid relationship-building, little else matters.

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