Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Hans Raj

Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Hans Raj

Title: Director Sales, Strategic Accounts
Degree: BE - Mechanical Engineering, MS - Industrial Engineering, PG Diploma in Business Management

Cross-selling: Creating new opportunities to serve customers

Cross-selling, often described as increasing “share of wallet,” is mostly viewed as a benefit to the selling company. After all, selling more than one product reduces the cost of servicing an account, increases profitability, and creates a sense of partnership. All good things.

But it’s not just about the seller, says Hans Raj, Fenner Drives’ Sales Manager, OEM Belting. There are a lot of benefits to the customer as well, in his experience.

In one example, Raj had a customer who was buying a timing belt, his particular area of expertise. But, he reasoned if there was a timing belt, there also was a need for pulleys. And even keyless locking devices (KLDs) to lock the pulleys on the shaft.

Though his own expertise was not as deep in KLDs as it is in belts, he broached the subject to the customer. And, when the inquiry became serious, he brought in one of the company’s KLD subject matter experts and made the sale.

“Wherever there’s a belt, they will use pulleys. They will use some other items, like a keyless locking device, to lock the pulley on the shaft. So they are all very associated.”

The end result? The customer not only gets industry-leading belts. They also get world-class KLDs. And any expert help they need from Fenner experts.

Cost Savings

There can even be cost savings. Several years ago, Raj was working with one of his customers to obtain a National Bearings part for use in a larger component. Through the years, however, a competitor undercut the price and he lost that part of the business.

When National Bearings became part of Fenner, Raj got with his new NB colleagues and went back to the customer with new, more competitive pricing on the full component.

 “We got retested and requalified and we won back the business.”

Focus on Customer Value

Depending on the company, the contact for a belt might be different than the contact for another item like a pulley or KLD. But by focusing on the value to the customer, a good sales rep can break down the barriers and win the sale.

“Cross-selling is good for us, certainly. But when we make it a benefit to the customer, we both win.”

Customer Care

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