Spotlight Women in Science: Jennifer Altland

Like many people in science and math careers, Jen is highly intrigued about how things work. Growing up, her curiosity with anatomy and physiology developed into a passion for chemistry. “I really enjoyed the hands-on lab work and being able to react two chemicals together to get something new.”  This dual interest led her to a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

Jen’s parents played a major role in her development towards the sciences. “My parents have probably been my biggest influence.  They really instilled the importance of logic, order, and attention to detail, all of which are key in the scientific field.”

That attention to detail proved critical when she got her first job as a lab tech developing flu vaccines at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

Today her background in the sciences is a benefit to Fenner Precision Polymers, where she uses her skills as both Lab Manager and a Chemist. As Lab Manager she assigns and manages the schedule and reports the monthly lab metrics that measure on-time delivery. In her role, she helps with modifications for our molded poly-v and timing belt products. This year she is excited to take the lead chemist role on our new coated fabric treat line for our technical textile products.

Her long-term passion is to lead a technical team at Fenner Precision Polymers. In any leadership role she recognizes the importance mentorship played in her life. “I try to always pay it forward by being a good mentor and sharing my own experiences.”

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