Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Marina Agostini

Title: MAV Customer Service

Marina Agostini is relatively new to MAV, but already feels a natural fit with the organization and her new colleagues. Born in Bosnia, with an older sister and younger brother, she moved to Italy as a young child. Today she serves as a member of the customer service team, where she brings a perspective that is both fresh and in perfect harmony with the approach the company finds so successful.

Supporting her customers before, during and after each transaction and throughout their use of products and services is a matter of personal pride for Marina. She sees every touchpoint as an important opportunity to maintain or enhance the customer relationship. Whether it is responding to phone requests and emails, sending quotes, or sharing details about products or certifications, Marina sees it as a chance to differentiate MAV – positioning it as a valued strategic partner.

Managing purchase orders and proactively keeping customers informed about delivery status or changes due to production or shipping issues, is something Marina also prioritizes. In addition, she enjoys every chance to contribute to the development of new projects and working with the technical department to identify solutions that resolve customer issues. This is the kind of work Marina believes is critical to execute on when the goal is to increase customer satisfaction. It allows her to directly influence brand loyalty, which in turn drives revenue growth.

Marina brings to MAV the type of customer service that is quick, effective and provides clear communication. Her emphasis is always about understanding customer expectations and needs. It is central to everything she does.

Her daily contact with people from all over the world and getting to personalize the relationship is what she most enjoys about her work. A highlight is getting to meet the customer face-to-face. It’s always exciting to see and greet them personally versus interacting with the unseen phone and email personas she imagines.

Outside of work Marina is passionate about exploring different cultures and learning new languages. She believes the way people speak is representative of their personality. She is fascinated by the way that language is so full of meaning, creativity, and expression – and how it varies according to one’s life experience. It’s a major reason why she enjoys traveling at every opportunity. However, when Marina cannot travel, she loves reading and writing about mountains, nature and doing what she can to preserve the beauty of the planet.

To remain grounded and find balance in life, Marina regularly practices yoga. She is also a yoga teacher in training. She appreciates the way it challenges her to make the most of her skills, and to face her limits – either to improve or accept them. She finds the benefits are both mental and physical, actively reducing stress while also recharging mind and body for the work ahead. It’s a perspective she tries to convey to students in her yoga courses, what she loves the most in teaching yoga classes is to see truly happy and relaxed faces after the practice together.

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