FPP Employee Spotlight - Maurizio I

Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Maurizio Ianeselli

Title: Director of Operations

It’s not something a lot of people know about him, but if asked, Maurizio Ianeselli will be the first to tell you with a smile, “I talk with the hens.” Is it a passion for raising poultry? Perhaps. But when work requires one to shoulder the long list of responsibilities he carries, seeking out and enjoying an interesting diversion on occasion is completely understandable.

Maurizio joined the company (Vigomec) together with the founder of MAV, Mr. Sandro Zamboni before MAV was officially founded in 1989. He has seen and learned a lot during his 38 years, watching MAV grow from the very beginning. His areas of responsibility at the company have grown as well.

In his current role as Director of Operations, he oversees all areas of the business. That includes oversight of production and plant management, safety and security, and human resource management. It also includes managing several key business decisions like purchasing and procurement, and legal sign-off for the organization. It’s a broad spectrum of responsibilities ranging from employee management to strategic planning and development to enhance productivity and efficiency.

It’s a lot, but with his years of experience, the relationships he’s built throughout the organization, and his focus on professionalism and client service, Maurizio makes it look easy. Perhaps that because his favorite part of the work is driving productivity and efficiency. He understands that creating a work environment where everyone feels like a valued team member is essential for not only completing the work but completing it to a high degree of excellence that benefits MAV customers.

As important as all of that is to him, work alone does not define the man. Music does as well. Maurizio is driven by it. He loves playing several instruments, including the guitar, piano, accordion, and ukulele in his free time. That love of music also extends to his volunteer work for several clubs and his role as an Executive Board member for the Marching Band of San Giorgio Vigolo Vatarro. He is also the president of Pro Loco Bosentino, a local association that promotes culture and tourism.

It’s a combination of all these things together that energize and make Maurizio good at what he does. It’s the work, his colleagues, the music, and of course family and friends that make the man. Oh yes… and the hens!

So, what exactly does Maurizio discuss with those hens? Well, that’s a good question. Make sure you ask him.

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