Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Mindy Blasick

Title: Inventory Specialist 1 (29 years)

Keep Smiling!

Mindy Blasick represents Fenner's very own Eagle Flow Coordinator (“Maestro” is more like it), a title she's relished with grace and wit during her astonishing 29 years. Her impressive tenure with the company actually dates to when everything was in one building.

If asked to describe her job, she'll give you a knowing smile and quip, "It's a bit of this, a dash of that, and a whole lot of the other thing", all whipped together to cook up a steady, rhythmic flow through our manufacturing process. It’s that sense of humor that allows her to see the bright side of most anything.

Her role keeps her quite busy. She often collaborates with a planner to meet customer needs efficiently. Prep work orders, labels, and tooling for extrusion also fall under her purview. In addition, Mindy helps with cycle counts, inventory completions, and material handling responsibilities.

One of her cherished memories at Fenner features a shopping cart, a "honking" sound, and a heartwarming chuckle. In her early days at Fenner, Mindy would often be tasked with ferrying strands of string from the basement of the Main building. For the task, Mindy installed a horn on her cart, as a much-needed safety measure. It kept people on their toes and a smile on her face.

The best part of her job? It's the daily brainteasers that the team unravels together – something she sees as another testament to the power of the team's collective thinking.

When the work whistle blows at the end of the day, Mindy channels her inner Iron Chef, hosting cooking feasts with family and friends. At other times you'll find her enjoying quality 'girl-time'. She's also a master of 'putzing' around, whether it's in the yard or the kitchen. As if that weren't enough already, Mindy has also got a knack for puzzles, or as she describes it "creating whatever out of whatever."

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