Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Nate Mueller

Title: Product Engineer

Nate Mueller has been with Fenner Precision Polymers for eight years. He would be the first to say that it was a fast eight years, because each one was filled with a variety of fresh challenges and learning opportunities – something he welcomes. As a product engineer in the new product development department, it is Nate’s responsibility, as technical lead, to help the company usher in new products.

This role entails everything from designing to validating products. For Nate’s part it also means managing projects through a “stage gate” process. That is, he is responsible for ensuring there is a review at the end of every phase of the development process. At that point he and his team must determine whether the project should continue, continue with modifications, or simply end. It is a process that sees as important for any best-in-class organization, because of the way it ensures risk mitigation, resource management, improved collaboration, greater flexibility, and ultimately project success.

Maintaining existing products in Fenner's portfolio is another part of Nate’s daily activities. This work includes gathering data, ensuring products meet quality expectations and that engineering change orders still meet customer requirements. However, it is the innovation that happens on the leading edge of development and the refining and enhancement of existing products that hold the greatest appeal for Nate. Having the opportunity to improve existing products and design new products that will solve customers’ unique problems is without question, one of his favorite parts of working at Fenner.

Outside of the office Nate enjoys spending time with his family. This mostly involves keeping up with his three- and five-year-old children, something he considers to be a full-time task. Rooting for his favorite sports teams and playing the occasional round of golf are also among some of Nate’s cherished pastimes.

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