Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Patrizia Montermini

Title: Financial Manager

Every organization needs that one person with an eye for detail. A hawk that anticipates, executes, and keeps a firm grasp on targeted outcomes. That person for MAV is Patrizia Montermini.

Now with the company for more than thirty years, Patrizia is responsible for the details that matter. She manages accounting records, taxes, customs, social security, and corporate regulatory compliance. In addition, the preparation of financial statements and the review of economic and financial reports also fall under her purview.

Lucky for her, analysis of the numbers is a personal passion. In fact, Patrizia will tell you that her favorite part of the work she does is preparing budgets and reviewing reports. How many of us can say that? She truly enjoys the process of understanding the correlation between numbers and making economic or financial assumptions. Other areas of responsibility include privacy and information technology.

But, even a hawk needs downtime. During hers, Patrizia is the mother of two daughters, one son and four grandchildren who she loves spending time with. She is also dedicated to volunteering with an association that helps people in need and is equally committed to environmental protection.

Even in her personal time, however, she remains watchful. Patrizia is an active member of the city council in her local municipality and a member of the board of directors of a cooperative that manages a chain of local supermarkets.

When she is truly unplugged and taking personal time, Patrizia likes to travel, to explore other civilizations, and learn about new customs and traditions different from those of her home country.


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