Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Paul Day

Title: Sales Manager Fabri Cote and National Accounts Precision

Paul Day has ties that bind him to the aerospace industry through and through—to include his perspective on customer service. It’s a philosophy reminiscent of the famous 1990 United Airlines commercial where a company leader called for his team to get back in touch with customers face to face.

As a Sales Manager for Fabri Cote and National Accounts for Fenner Precision, Paul’s work revolves around developing and strengthening relationships with both existing and potential customers here in the U.S. and abroad. He understands the importance of this responsibility and how it facilitates setting and meeting sales objectives. It’s more than that, however. Traveling to meet with customers sheds light on their exact needs better than any other form of communication – including a call, an email or even a Teams meeting.

Relationship management is the part of the job Paul most enjoys. He approaches every prospect as a “customer for life.” He also believes there is nothing better than meeting with a new customer and taking time to understand where a previous relationship had failed them to the point of no longer wishing to do business, but then later receiving a new purchase order from them. It’s not just the world class engineering support provided by Fenner that makes this happen. It’s that steady investment in the relationship and working through the challenges—the heart-to-heart and face-to-face conversations that drive it home.

Working at Fabri Cote has particular significance for Paul. His great-grandfather was the painter on Lindbergh’s Spirt of St. Louis aircraft. Another connection to the aerospace industry includes the several opportunities he had to meet Neil Armstrong a while attending Purdue. To this day he has a good collection of Armstrong’s memorabilia. For all these reasons his work in the aerospace industry has been especially rewarding.

Outside of work Paul enjoys family time with his wife, Kelly, their three daughters, a son, and two granddaughters. He also loves a good round of golf, but jokes that the feeling is not mutual. Paul is extremely well-traveled, having seen most parts of the world. In 2019 he even had the chance to see the Great Wall of China. Of all his travels, however, Poland is by far his favorite country to visit—for its people, the landscape, and the food.


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