Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Tanner Brooks

Title: Associate Safety Specialist (1 year)

When Tanner Brooks first joined Fenner as an intern, he shared a poignant personal anecdote that left a lasting impression on his colleagues. It’s a memorable story worth sharing for National Safety Month.

"Once my grandfather retired and returned home from the Navy, we became very close. He taught me how to fish, took me hunting, brought me along on motorcycle rides—you name it, we did it together. Fast forward a few months, he gets a job welding to keep himself busy after retiring from the military. That job would eventually take my grandfather's life – all because of a completely preventable situation. It was the first true loss of a close family member and one I'll never forget. His life remains a driving passion behind my career, ensuring employees can return to their families at the end of each day – safe, healthy, and happy. Every day, I come to work striving to do my best to provide a safe working environment for all our employees."

This heartfelt story encapsulates Tanner's seriousness and dedication to his role as an Associate Safety Specialist at Fenner. Despite being with the company for just one year, his experience and deep-rooted commitment to safety make him an invaluable member of the team. He is responsible for ensuring that Fenner adheres to all applicable occupational regulations and complies with safety standards, guaranteeing that employees return home as safe, healthy, and sound as they arrive.

Tanner's passion for safety is visible in everything he does. He meticulously monitors workplace conditions, conducts regular safety audits, and provides comprehensive training so every team member understands and follows safety protocols. His approach is proactive, identifying potential hazards before they become incidents and continuously seeking ways to improve the safety culture at Fenner. Believing that a strong safety culture is the backbone of any successful organization, he takes a great deal of pride in knowing that his efforts contribute to the well-being of his colleagues.

The best part of his job, Tanner says, is the people. He is a self-proclaimed people person, thriving on his interactions with employees across various departments and roles. A genuine concern for his colleagues' welfare and approachable demeanor make him a trusted figure within the company. He values the relationships he has built and enjoys the collaborative aspect of his role, working closely with others to create a safer work environment. Meeting face-to-face and demonstrating that he can take tangible steps to improve the overall safety culture at Fenner is one of the favorite parts of his job.

Outside of Fenner, life is just as dynamic. He spends most of his free time riding dirt bikes, a passion that started when he was nearly four. He began racing motocross at six and continued until he was almost sixteen. Occasionally, he still signs up for an AWRCS race, a local woods series in Pennsylvania. Dirt biking is more than just a hobby for Tanner; it's a way to connect with his roots and unwind from the demands of his professional life.

When Tanner isn’t riding dirt bikes, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends. His other hobbies include hunting, fishing, kayaking, and hiking—activities that allow him to appreciate the outdoors and bond with loved ones. As one might imagine, safety remains top of mind even during these leisure activities. It’s a constant opportunity to reflect and, in a sense, be present with his grandfather once again… Not just for National Safety Month—every day.

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