Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Rafaela Velazquez and Francisca Velazquez-Cruz

Title: Fabrication (5 years and 9 years, respectively)

Celebrating a Dynamic Duo: Rafaela Velazquez and Francisca Velazquez-Cruz

As National Siblings Day approaches, it's only fitting to spotlight a remarkable duo who share the bond of sisterhood and work together seamlessly at Fenner. Meet Rafaela and Francisca Velazquez, two industrious souls who bring passion and dedication to their roles in Fabrication.

These sisters have become integral team members with Rafaela's five-year tenure and Francisca's impressive nine-year journey at Fenner. And these two ladies run the entire gamut of Eagle O-Ring manufacturing. Their daily tasks encompass various activities from cutting the belting, to precision welding, through meticulous sanding. Amidst the shop floor's constant motion, they stand tall, proving that hard work and perseverance run deep in their veins.

With her contagious enthusiasm for life, Francisca cherishes the opportunity to work alongside her sister. For her, the camaraderie they share is unparalleled, transcending the confines of the workplace. Grateful for her job's stability, she is happy for each day in the workplace. Beyond the factory walls, her heart belongs to her family, and she finds comfort in simple joys like tidying her home and unwinding with a favorite TV show.

Echoing her sister's sentiments, Rafaela deeply appreciates her sibling's unwavering support. Introduced to Fenner through Francisca's guidance, she sees her sister as a co-worker and as her confidante. Together, they form a formidable team. Complementing each other's strengths and navigating challenges with unwavering unity, they own the Eagle O-Ring line.

As we celebrate National Siblings Day, let's toast to Rafaela and Francisca Velazquez, whose unwavering family bond enriches their lives and serves as a testament to the power of sisterhood, both at work and home. In their unity, they've discovered the secret to navigating life's challenges, proving that with a sister by your side, every step of the journey becomes a little lighter, and the balance between work and life is a little easier to achieve!

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