Spotlight Women in Science: Mary-Angela Kenney

Mary-Angela’s interest in science and math originated from being a natural problem-solver.  She excelled at math and science which led her down the path to graduate with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Throughout her schooling, Mary-Angela found support from her parents and teachers. “Both of my parents had technical backgrounds. They were certainly a big influence. I also had several teachers who encouraged me to pursue a technical degree.” She also shadowed several professionals in the field of STEM which led her to pursue the field of Engineering.

Mary-Angela started her career as a Mechanical Engineer at a Fortune 500 company. Her career choices led her to Fenner Precision Polymers where she currently fills the role as VP of Innovation & Technology and a member of our senior leadership team.

As a leader, she realizes the importance of mentoring young men and women and helping them navigate their career paths. She recognizes the impact that mentors had in her life and incorporates that into her daily role. “I have always enjoyed mentoring people throughout my career. I have been a mentor for numerous women, both personally and professionally.“  She had the opportunity to give seminars to women to improve their interviewing and resume writing skills through an organization called Dress for Success, an International Women’s Non-profit Organization, and has participated in several networks throughout her career.

Mary-Angela would like to continue to support women in science. “In my current role, I want to increase the diversity of the team at Fenner Precision Polymers, and I encourage my managers to broaden the candidate pool when hiring for new positions.” Mentoring continues to be extremely important to Mary-Angela and she is a strong believer in helping women to achieve their goals and to support each other.

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