Ceramics Manufacturing

Industry: Building Products Manufacturing
Application: Tile Manufacturing

Problem:          Heavy abrasive materials being conveyed chew up many conveying belts, causing an extreme amount of downtime.  In addition, glazing and liquids used in the manufacturing process can accumulate on the belt and affect the process itself.

Solution:          Fenner Drives offers a complete range of non-reinforced and reinforced belts to service this market, including the popular Eagle Ridge-Top profile, which is used in the glazing process to minimize the surface contact with the tile and allow excess liquid to run away.  Another choice is the Eagle SuperGrip Top Urethane or Polyester Belting which incorporates high grip, low wear PVC or PU (polyurethane) top surfaces.  These belts are perfect for conveying in the most abrasive environments such as moving concrete blocks, bricks, and tiles of all types.

Eagle Polyurethane Belting

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