Antique Sewing Machine

Application: Antique Sewing Machine

Problem: The aged design of the sewing machine called for a round leather drive belt. Finding the right diameter and length leather belts for these sewing machines was a challenge. Additionally, the leather belts frequently slip in these antique sewing machines.

Solution: Substituting a Fenner Drives Eagle Green 89 Non-Reinforced Textured Round Belt for the aged leather belt was a simple solution that also provided improved performance. The belts are available in a wide variety of diameters to meet the needs of any sewing machine and can be easily welded endless to the required length . This textured surface mimics the surface of a round leather belt while improving the slippage issue when compared to a leather belt.

Fenner Drives PowerTwist Ground Round also has a very high success rate in sewing machine applications.  With a round profile, this PowerTwist Plus based belt will drop right into your existing equipment. Its extreme flexibility makes it ideally suited for use with small pulley/idler diameters.

Eagle Polyurethane Belting

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