Bottle Conveyor

Industry: Food Processing
Application: Bottle Conveyor

 Problem:          The bottle conveyor was using a competitor’s unreinforced polyurethane with a padded top in order to clamp bottles as they traveled to a labeler.  The base of the competitor’s belt stretched too much because of the speed and clamping however, the padded top did not stretch.  This caused delamination and slipping bottles.

Solution:          Fenner Drives’ Eagle Hyfen Reinforced CXF Specialty Belt in a Twin A profile solved both of the customer’s problems of too much stretch and delamination.  The ultra-grip 60A durometer top surface on the Eagle Hyfen CXF belt provided the extra grip and certainty need to make sure that the bottles did not slip.  The way Fenner Drives engineered this belt protects against delamination because of its co-extruded, integrally bonded surfaces.  The high tensile reinforcing cord in the Eagle Hyfen Reinforced CXF Specialty belt also added additional strength and solved the stretching problem associated with the competitor’s belt.

Eagle Polyurethane Belting

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