Onion Conveyor

Industry: Agriculture
Application: Onion Conveying

 Problem:          An onion topper machine, where the tops are cut off, used a competitor’s Twin A profile belt for the prototype and it was not working.  The recommended install tension could not be used because the shafts were not heavy enough.

Solution:          Fenner Drives’ design and engineering teams worked with the customer to find the best solution for the application.  Fenner Drives Application Engineers recommended a completely new profile using the Eagle Orange 85 polyurethane belt. By working with Fenner Drives Application Engineers the customer was able to find the right belt for their application.

  • Post-curing process provided the right amount of tension
  • Able to achieve the customer requirement of approximately 90% accuracy in cutting
  • Belt does not stain the onion

The Eagle Orange 85 is the most widely-used general purpose non-reinforced polyurethane belt.  It is manufactured from FDA compliant materials and is easily welded on site with a Fenner Drives Butt Welding Kit.

Eagle Polyurethane BeltingEagle Orange 85 is the Original Orange Belt!


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