Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Chris Sosa

Chris Sosa joined Fenner Precision Polymers about a year and a half ago as an Associate Safety Specialist. As part of his responsibility he conducts safety trainings and addresses any safety-related issues. He oversees the safety needs in North Building, Arcadia, and the Manheim Pike location.

Chris enjoys the interactions his job creates. He explains, “I get to meet all different people at all different levels and have a connection with everyone in the company.”  Fenner Precision Polymers focuses on safety which provides opportunities for Chris. “ I get to travel and attend trainings, which shows me the company is investing in me, and I like to share my gathered knowledge and invest in other people,” he expounds.

Outside of work Chris likes to remain active. He explains, “I enjoy staying active and playing soccer whenever I can. I also love to travel and go on trips whenever I can.” However, his biggest enjoyment comes from spending time with family and friends. So, the next time you see Chris ask him if he’s traveled lately or maybe he can demonstrate a bicycle kick for you. Safely, of course!  

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