Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Joe Zhou

One of Fenner Drives’ growing markets is in China and Hong Kong and Sales Manager Joe Zhou is a big part of that growth.  Joe has been with Fenner Drives for approximately 3 years and has been successful capturing new OEM and MRO businesses, acquiring new business partners and finding new product opportunities. In the meantime, Joe has maintained his existing businesses and relationships with his current customers.

Joe describes one of his biggest Fenner Drives successes with China BNBM, the largest gypsum board manufacturer in China with over 20 plants, “Over the last 2 years, I have successfully introduced our Taper Edge Band belts into more than 13 plants. Two of those plants have changed to our POWERTWIST DRIVE belts in their production lines.”  Joe is currently working with BNBM headquarters to consider using our belts in their OEM product lines.

Joe has an average of 20% growth over the last two years, “The share of OEM business has grown significantly over the last 2 years. Our business here has expanded into more provinces within the country.” Fenner Drives has gained an increased reputation in the general industrial market and has won new business in the poultry and glass markets due to Joe’s efforts.

Outside of Fenner Drives Joe enjoys his role as a loving husband and a proud father of a 4-year-old boy. Joe is very active and enjoys a variety of sports and games. He swims, plays Ping-Pong, and basketball. His diverse interests also include cars and fine foods and he is a self-described “sneakerhead” as well.  We wish Joe well as he continues to help Fenner Drives grow.  If you get a chance to meet Joe when he visits Manheim, ask him if he purchased any sneakers recently.

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