Eagle Blue 55D Aramid Can Cable

Fenner Drives Introduces Eagle Blue 55D Aramid Can Cable
The Cost Effective Steel Cable Alternative that Reduces Downtime and Increases Productivity

Fenner Drives, world leader in the design, supply and market of innovative components for power transmission, motion transfer and conveying applications, announces the enhancement of its Eagle® Reinforced Polyester Can Cable belting to include Eagle Blue 55D Aramid Can Cable.

"There are diverse can conveying system needs. We have a comprehensive line of high quality solutions that meet those needs whether it is to convey metal, plastic or fiber containers," said Ryan Van Duyn, product development engineer. "We are constantly expanding our product offering to make our Can Cables even better. Eagle Blue 55D Aramid Can Cable is ideal for conveying more weight whether it be heavier product or higher quantities of product because of its Aramid cord reinforcement."

In compliance with FDA guidelines, Eagle Blue 55D Aramid Can Cable is a high performance, cost effective alternative to nylon coated steel cables. The product is made from premium, light weight polyester, which results in less energy consumption and greater energy savings, and high tenacity Aramid fiber for belt reinforcement. The strength of Aramid fiber provides superior resistance to stretch even under the stress of heavy loads. Less stretch means less downtime and better productivity.

Like all Fenner Drives Can Cable products, Eagle Blue 55D Aramid Can Cable is formulated precisely to resist abrasion and general wear. Its smooth surface virtually eliminates noise commonly associated with steel. And, equipped with our patented overlap weld kit, Eagle Blue 55D Aramid Can Cable can be easily welded endless onsite.

9.5mm Eagle Blue 55D Aramid Can Cable is available in 500ft. lengths

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