Eagle Freestyle Cordless Welding Kit

October 1, 2009

Fenner Drives Introduces True Welding Portability with Eagle Freestyle Cordless Welding Kit

Manheim, Pennsylvania/Date – Fenner Drives, a world leader in the design, supply and market of innovative components for power transmission, motion transfer and conveying applications, is simplifying belt installation and repair through its introduction of the Eagle Freestyle Cordless Welding Kit. A breakthrough in polyurethane and polyester welding technology, Eagle Freestyle increases efficiency and equipment uptime while meeting the high quality standards of Fenner Drives.

The Eagle Freestyle Welder gets its portability from two rechargeable high power NiMH batteries. In addition, each kit arrives with two extra batteries, a professional battery charger, cutting shears, flash cutters, and tool bag.

Convenience is important, so the Eagle Freestyle Welder is designed with built-in profile clamping jaws (dies) for both round and vee profiles – no need to buy and store dies for multiple belt profiles. At no additional charge, the kit also includes adapter plates for twin vees and flats that install in seconds.

Safety features of the Eagle Freestyle include the heating element that is only ON during the actual welding of the belt, is shielded when not in use, and cools down quickly between welds. In addition, it welds silently with a progressive heating profile.

Ian Smith, Executive Director, Global Sales & Marketing said, "We are always looking for ways to help our customers work more efficiently and reduce downtime. The Eagle Freestyle is just the latest innovation in a line of solution-providing products from Fenner Drives."

Fenner Drives is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and supplies added-value, problem solving products for power transmission, motion transfer, and conveying applications.

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