RotoShield GTL Defends against Costly Torque Overloads

Rotoshield™ GTL Provides Defense against Costly Torque Overloads
Fenner Drives releases new RotoShield Gearbox Torque Limiters


MANHEIM, PA, December 18, 2015 – Today, Fenner Drives, a global leader in problem-solving products for conveying and power transmission applications, announced the launch of RotoShield Gearbox Torque Limiters. RotoShield GTL stops damage from costly torque overloads before it occurs by instantly disengaging components and automatically resets with 360° rotation. The unique compact design mounts directly to the motor and gearbox for easy installation with no additional design or machining required.

"RotoShield GTL Torque Limiters give you a new way to think about protecting your equipment from torque overloads," said Jeremy Bigler, Product Manager - Metal Products, Fenner Drives. "RotoShield is designed to mount between your motor and high efficiency reducer. RotoShield allows for easy design and installation with a more compact design at a more economical price point than torque limiters installed on the output of the reducer."

RotoShield is designed to bring cost-savings to a variety of industrial applications, such as: Food/Beverage, Packaging, Wastewater Treatment, and Shredders/Recycling.


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