Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Sierra Plows and Svetlana Matsuk

Title: OPR I (1 year, nine months with Fenner) and QA (10 years with Fenner)

Meet Sierra Plows, an Operator 1 with a strong work ethic and sharp attention to detail. Sierra plays a crucial role in operating punch and assembly machines, ensuring the efficient production of high-quality belts. She diligently inspects each belt before it is punched and assembled, guaranteeing that only top-notch products are delivered to customers.

Also meet Svetlana Matsuk, a Quality Assurance specialist, a position that requires a high degree of attention to detail, analysis, and problem-solving. In her day-to-day work, Svetlana’s work involves inspecting, testing, packing, and other tasks that help prepare accurate and timely product shipments to customers.

Fenner Precision Polymers is proud to have both valued team members who are always willing to go the extra mile and take on any task required to achieve project goals. Their dedication to their work and commitment to quality make each an asset to the organization.

Both Sierra and Svetlana understand the importance of a quality product, as well as on-time delivery to customers, is crucial. Delays or deliveries of wrong or inaccurately specified products can impact customer production schedules and have significant cost implications. This gives them each a fierce pride in their work and acts as a driving force behind all that they do.

Learning more about Sierra and Svetlana, we found that their ability to work collaboratively and harmoniously with the team has earned them the respect and admiration of their colleagues. Each love to stay busy and learn new things as a daily part of their positions.

Outside of her professional life at Fenner, Sierra enjoys engaging in various activities that bring her joy and relaxation. Running, fishing, and playing corn hole are among her favorite pastimes. These hobbies allow her to unwind and recharge, bringing a positive and focused mindset to her work. Sierra is engaged to be married and eagerly anticipates embarking on the next chapter of her life.

In her downtime Svetlana is consumed with spending as much time as possible with her family and friends, as well as taking walks and trips to the beach. However, the same keen attention to detail that is present at work, also shines at home. Svetlana loves having people over, where she gets to host family and friends, socialize, and make even more friends.

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