April Sales Spotlight – Dan Menza

Dan Menza and coated fabrics have a long history together. Dan has been selling manufacturing products for 20 years,17 of those dedicated to polymer coated products. With the acquisition of Fabri Cote, treated fabrics are still a relatively new item under the Fenner Precision Polymers umbrella and Dan has been a big help aligning the business.

Textile manufacturing covers a wide range of industries and Fabri Cote has had success in quite a few. Our coated fabrics are top of the line performers in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Renewable Energy industries. For example, in Aerospace Dan worked on an application to improve heat containment materials that need to last a longer time than current, readily used materials.  These triumphs also carry over to the off-road vehicle market, the agricultural equipment market, heater pad and high temp insulations markets, and the electric vehicle market. Dan was excited to work on a project for an A123 battery for a high-temp, non-permeable coolant hose made from silicone on fabric.

Including electric vehicles, Dan is no stranger to working with cars. He is an auto restoration enthusiast who loves classic cars. He applies that enthusiasm to his job, where he’s been part of the design and implementation process for products used in electric vehicles, which gives him insight into the future of cars, pairing well with his love for cars from the past.  

Experience pays off when it comes to customizing our products.  “We can customize and offer a variety of substrate textiles to coat with many different polymer options You can choose to combine this list of polymers and fabrics in a custom application.”

Attention to detail is second nature to Dan. Whether he is identifying the best combination for a customer’s application or enjoying his downtime restoring classic cars and motorcycles. Dan will be sure to find the particulars important to achieving a customer’s goals.

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