Fenner Precision Polymers Employee Spotlight - Steven Shaffer

Title: Sr. Safety Specialist

Steven is all too familiar with the figures. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) 373,300 workers in manufacturing were sick or injured in 2020. Slips, trips, and falls were found to be among the most common workplace injuries, accounting for 33% of all cases. He is familiar, because as a Senior Safety Specialist it’s his responsibility and mission to eliminate, prevent, and drastically reduce such incidents, and those that are far more serious.

Steven’s primary role is to ensure Fenner Precision Polymers remains in compliance with all Environmental Health and Safety regulations and policies. It also entails driving a culture of safety throughout the organization by following a roster of OSHA recommended best practices that include:

  • Locking down or controlling access to high-risk areas
  • Conducting ongoing training for chemical, operational, and equipment safety
  • Initiating a range of frequent environmental audits throughout all facilities
  • Managing safety incidents and issues promptly
  • Prescribing preventative and corrective actions as needed
  • Running safety meetings regularly

What Steven enjoys most about his job is very likely what also makes his work so effective – it’s getting to know his co-workers and building rapport with them. He takes genuine interest in learning about their cultural backgrounds, hobbies and pastimes, or favorite sports teams. It all helps him relate to them better and builds a sense of mutual respect and trust that goes a long way when discussing workplace issues, including safety.

Outside of the workplace Steven’s own interests are quite varied. He is a bit of a foodie who likes to cook and learn about new cooking techniques or dishes. Sports and the outdoors are just as important. Going to baseball games – major league or farm teams – is always something he enjoys. Other outdoor interests are usually focused on working on old tractors, swimming, or just sitting by an open campfire. In the summer he sometimes will be found with family or friends taking in a drive-in movie.

Steven is also a volunteer at his local outdoorsmen club, where he also competes in target sports – safely.

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